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How to use color mud everyday clothes
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?White color mud production: 10 jins of white base mud with 1 jins of glue can be added.

Parliamentary pink color mud making: use 10 jins of base mud to add 1 jins of gelatin liquid and a small amount of large red species to stir well.
Press yellow color mud production: add 1 jins of glue solution and a certain amount of yellow color mud to 10 jins.
Note: all other kinds of color mud are made according to the above method. When operating, please first pour the color seeds into the glue solution and then stir them into the white color mud, so as to improve the production speed and efficiency.
(1) the white dry pulp can be used as the waste material of the paper mill (the material at the foot of the napkin edge), and the paper is required to be white.
(2) pulping agitator, which can be powered by hand electric drill, is fitted with a steel bar at the drill bit and welded with 2-3 curved motorcycle steel lines at the bottom of the bar, which can be used as pulping and stirring equipment.
(3) dewatering can be made by pressing the foundation mud in a cloth bag.
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