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Preparation before making model of colored clay
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?The color mud tool mainly includes plastic knife, pressing plate, scissors, comb, etc. If the brand color mud, it will be equipped with corresponding mould, such as tray, pressing machine, rolling rod, extruder and single and double face mold, etc.

Hobbyists can make the most suitable tools according to their own needs. The method is: choose a 3- 4 mm thick transparent organic glass, draw the outline of the plastic knife on the organic glass with pencil first, then hook the plastic knife off with hook knife. The edge of the plastic knife is then roughly trimmed with a file, and the plastic knife is polished smooth with sandpaper. Finally, the knife can be rubbed repeatedly with a piece of coarse cloth with toothpaste or sesame oil until the surface of the plastic knife is round, bright and smooth.
Of course, from the perspective of education and convenience, parents can buy brand color mud for children in the market. According to the theme of color mud, there will be relevant molds attached. "Cool ice cream," for example, will have ice cream compressors, rollers, trays and small plastic knives, aprons and hats. This can the be fond of according to the children to decide, the market at present there are more brands to choose from, such as the oldest and high-end brand is a joy, is the most abundant and cost-effective art teapo, other brands such as, pei pei enjoyed a lot, etc., can be found in the market, parents can be compared to the reference, the brand of choice for their children.
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