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How to make colored mud
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< 1 >
Raw material:
400 grams of flour, 2 tablespoons of powder
Step 1: mix the materials in a container.
1/2 liter boiling water, 3 tablespoons oil, 1 tablespoon food coloring or Easter egg coloring, 200 grams salt
Step 2: mix the above ingredients in a bowl.
Mix the second part of the mixture into the first part of the flour mixture. Stir until the mud is still warm. Knead by hand.
< 2 >
Paper puree 400-600g, potassium piriate 5-15g, polyvinyl acetate emulsion 5-10g, advertising paint 15-35g,
The invention is a non-toxic and harmless product suitable for children's color mud painting
< 3 >
1. Preparation of glue solution: 1 jins of polyvinyl alcohol were added to 10 jins of water and soaked for 1-2 hours. Then, the glue solution was boiled in antimony pan and prepared for standby.
2. Preparation of color seed: color seed can be purchased from printing materials stores or silk-screen printing outlets in different places, or from printing and dyeing factories or chemical stores in different places. Color modulation is carried out according to the principle of ternary tones.
3. White base mud production:
With pure white dry pulp 1 catty, add water 10 jins, beater or blender into paste, then add 5-10 jins of calcium carbonate powder, reoccupy after stir evenly until no granular, dehydration processing immediately get wet base mud formula is as follows: 10 jins mud + 1 catty gum liquid + proper color after mixing evenly, the chemical color mud get all sorts of color.
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